CCC is under development...

Clinic Collaboration Community

Open source policies, procedures, checklists, etc for small clinics.

The plan for the CCC is to be a free and open respository of the best ideas for running a small practice. You will be able to download and upload documents. You will be able to contribute to documents. You will be able to brand documents with your clinic name, address and logo. You will be able to edit documents or create your own versions of document so that they fit your particular situation. You will be able to rate or vote on documents.

Suppose you have a policy for how a receptionists greet new patients. But maybe it needs some work. You can go to the CCC and see best practices in greeting new patients. See how other clinics are training their receptionists to greet and "on board" new patients.

Initially, the CCC will focus on HIPAA related documents. But the long term idea is to have open source documents for every workflow in a small clinical practice.

We are working as fast as possible to prime the CCC with a foundation of documents. Then we will open it up for editing, voting, customizing, etc.

Big hospitals already have teams of people whose job is to focus on just policies and procedures. Small practices do not have those resources. So we have to work together.