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Computer Password Policy

Desktop, laptop and server computers should conform to these password policies:

  • Use sentence based passwords
    • Choose a simple sentence with six or more words
    • Sentences can come from a favorite movie, song, poem, quote, mantra, etc.
    • Use the first letter from each word in the sentence for the password
    • The password should include some upper and lower case letters, numbers, and puncuation
    • Password example = Epj1taw! comes from the sentence: Eat pizza just 1 time a week!

  • Change all passwords every 90 days - computers can be configured to force this password change

  • Passwords are not written down or displayed on screen

  • Passwords are not revealed or shared with others

  • Any default passwords that come with a product are changed during product installation

{ End checklist }

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  • Bert Ryan of ClinicNerds
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