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Computer Security Policy

'Is this computer NerdSecured?' Desktop, laptop and server computers should be NerdSecured with the following:

  • Automatic Screen Lock
    Configure computer to lock after three minutes of inactivity

  • Automatic Checks For Software Security Updates
    All software should be configured to automatically check for updates

  • Separate User Account For Each Person
    Do not share user accounts like 'NurseTeam'

  • Sentence Based Passwords
    Password: Epj1taw comes from the sentence: Eat pizza just 1 time a week

  • Encrypted Storage (disk drive, hard drive, solid state drive)
    Microsoft and Apple operating systems offer encryption but it has to be turned on

{ End checklist }
NerdSecured® is trademark of ClinicNerds

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  • Bert Ryan of ClinicNerds