The HIPAA Lifeguard App
Small Clinic Edition

Pricing per clinic location:
$200 for the first year
$50 each year thereafter

  • Federal agents at the IRS enforce tax rules.
  • Federal agents at HHS enforce HIPAA rules.
  • TurboTax walks you through complicated tax rules.
  • The HIPAA Lifeguard App walks you through complicated HIPAA rules.

Tax analogy

To comply with HIPAA, every clinic in the United States must:
  1. Designate a privacy official
    (we nicknamed HIPAA Lifeguard)
  2. Document a risk assessment
The HIPAA Lifeguard App walks the clinic's office manager through these tasks.

Hipaa lifeguard intro poster

More app info

Works on cellphone or laptop
Cellphone menu

The main menu of the app showing all six tasks.
(just for display purposes)
Lifeguard full menu2

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