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  • Founder Clinic Nerds
  • Based In Las Vegas
  • Former IBM Employee 20 years
  • Software Architect/Engineer (computer programmer)
  • Researched & Wrote All Material
  • Full Name: Norbert Ryan
  • Email: bert@clinicnerds.com
Bert Ryan
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I was working on an I/T project where I needed to learn and obey HIPAA. But I wasn't able to find a simple guide or explanation. Most of the Google search results seemed unreliable and without anybody to contact. So I decided to create simple products to comply with HIPAA.

My Best HIPAA Advice → Use Encryption

Stolen unencrypted computers are the #1 cause of HIPAA violations. Document that all your computer devices are using encryption on the disk drive (data storage). Computer devices means: laptops, desktops, servers, USB flash drives, mobile phones, tablets, backup drives, etc.

I Am a Software Architect / Engineer — Not a Lawyer

HIPAA is the first healthcare regulation of the digital age. 99% of HIPAA fines are due to insecure patient data on computers. So there is an strong argument to be made that a computer programmer (like me) is a better person to explain these regulations.

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