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  1. HIPAA Notebook $10
  2. NerdFlix (YouTube Videos)
  3. Heart of HIPAA Certification $10
  4. Create Business Associate Agreements Free Tool
  5. HIPAA Case Studies
  6. Amazon eBook "Learn From The HIPAA Police" $10
  7. Consulting


Binge-watch-and-learn HIPAA
Free Video Library by @clinicnerds
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HIPAA Notebook    $10 Per Month

Black and white drawing of a 3 ring binder notebook with front cover titled HIPAA Notebook and words Clinic Nerds Dont Worry Be Happy

The Easy, Fast & Cheap Way To Full HIPAA Compliance

  • Includes a Daily Video Conference Call for instruction & support (8am Pacific time)
  • Checklist guides you to completion
  • Easy forms to fill out
  • How-To-Video for each form (sample above)
  • $10 per month per medical practice location ($120 billed annually)
  • Start on Monday → HIPAA Compliant by Friday
  • No intimidating legal or technical jargon
  • Ask Bert questions by Zoom, email, text message, or phone call (Bert is the guy in the videos above)
* The HIPAA Notebook can be used by any healthcare team such as medical practices, dental practices, specialist practices, pharmacies, testing labs, imaging, therapy practices, cosmetic surgery, medical spas, urgent care, chiropractors, business associates, etc.

Billed annually at $120/year for each location
The $10 / month offer is for small healthcare teams with less than 20 employees. Larger teams can contact Bert for pricing.

Heart of HIPAA Certification $10

For Healthcare Professionals

Protect your career and reputation. Get certified on any device in less than 1 hour. Ten lessons taken from real life HIPAA violations.

Course Certificate Sample
Pay $10 with credit card via Stripe

Free BAA Tool

Use this free tool to generate a HIPAA legal document called a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You enter your data (like Company Name) into the form and the tool merges your data into the template from HHS to create the legal document. Having signed Business Associate Agreements is one of the three main criteria for HIPAA compliance. The side-eye is given to any medical practice that claims to be "HIPAA Compliant," yet has no signed Business Associate Agreements.

Complete the online form and immediately download the free BAA as a PDF.

The legal template comes from HHS so you know it can be trusted.

BAA Generator

HIPAA Case Studies

The best way to learn HIPAA is to listen to the HIPAA Police. These case studies (80+) distill what the HIPAA Police are saying.

Think of this as the Library of HIPAA Mistakes

Read Case Studies For Free

Amazon eBook

Book Cover: Learn From The HIPAA Police with brightly colored paintings of clinical woman, broken car window, laptop, lock, heart
Over 350 pages long, this ebook includes the 80+ case studies (above) plus executive summaries and other material about the HIPAA Police.

HIPAA Consulting & Outsourcing


Bert, Founder of Clinic Nerds, will work with your healthcare team to evaluate, implement or upgrade a HIPAA compliance program. Available to all types and sizes of healthcare teams.

Outsource HIPAA Compliance

You also have the option to outsource HIPAA to Clinic Nerds. Maybe you have several medical practices and would like to outsource the data entry and monthly management of your HIPAA compliance program.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a giant health system, Bert can customize a plan for you – including site visits.

Send an email to bert@clinicnerds.com for more information.

Price Varies

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