Easy, Quick & Cheap HIPAA Compliance

With the HIPAA Notebook, any healthcare team can implement a complete HIPAA compliance program faster, easier and cheaper.

Our Framework For HIPAA Compliance

Don't worry about the lingo – The HIPAA Notebook app walks you through the 4-part framework and shows you exactly what to do – Step 3 will take a few days to complete because your outsourcing partners need to sign the document

What Makes The HIPAA Notebook Easy, Quick & Cheap?

 1  8am Pacific, 9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11am Eastern.  Contact Bert if you are in another timezone like Hawaii, Alaska, or Caribbean and need to setup a different Zoom time.
 2  This price is for small healthcare teams like a medical practice with fewer than 15 employees per location. Larger organizations should contact Bert@clinicnerds.com

What Goes In The HIPAA Notebook?

At a high-level, here are the contents of the HIPAA Notebook:

A checklist was mentioned earlier. The above is the checklist. Complete the checklist and you have a legit claim to being HIPAA compliant.

Why Trust The HIPAA Notebook From Clinic Nerds?

Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR):
All of the advice comes directly from the HIPAA Police (HHS-OCR).

Everytime there is a big HIPAA violation, the HIPAA Police publish all of the legal documents and a press release on their website. Anybody can read those documents. Bert read all of those documents from all of the cases.

Then Bert wrote a case summary for each major HIPAA violation. And Bert also turned those case summaries into a 350+ page Amazon eBook.

Basically, the HIPAA Police are shouting from the rooftops - their website - what they want us to do to be HIPAA compliant. And the HIPAA Police repeat themselves a lot. For each case, they give pretty much the same advice: .. have HIPAA rules .. conduct a risk assessment .. use encryption .. sign Business Associate Agreements .. update monthly .. document everything!

ALL of the advice comes directly from the HIPAA Police. All of the advice given by Clinic Nerds with the HIPAA Notebook is just repeating what the HIPAA Police are telling us to do.

However, the HIPAA Police are lawyers working in a regulatory government agency - so sometimes they write in a way that is not very clear to regular folks. So Bert has rephrased, reformatted and repackaged the HIPAA Police Advice into easier formats. The Clinic Nerds approach is to try to use simple language and easy formats like short videos. Don't Worry Be HIPAA!

Who is Bert?

Bert Ryan
Have a question or comment? Send me an email.

Best HIPAA Shortcut Advice → Use Encryption

Stolen unencrypted computers are the #1 cause of HIPAA violations. Make sure that all your computer devices are using encryption on the disk drive (data storage). Computer devices means: laptops, desktops, servers, USB flash drives, mobile phones, tablets, backup drives, etc.

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